Welcome to the New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.

I am in the final stages of writing my latest book, MySQL Crash Course. The book is being published by No Starch Press, which I am thrilled about. I am really happy with the way the book came out, and I hope it will help a lot of people learn MySQL. 

The book has a ton of exercises and examples. (Maybe too many? I may have gotten a little carried away. Hahaha.)

I put the examples and exercises that go along with the book on my GitHub site at https://github.com/ricksilva/mysql_cc.

The book took a year of my life to write. I really enjoyed it, but now that it’s done I’m going back to the real world and getting a 9-5 developer gig.

That means that I may not always have as much time to answer reader questions as I’d like. I plan to use this blog to clarify anything about the book that I do get questions about.

I’ll also use this blog to write about my PostgreSQL book, Essential Postgres, and any random topics that catch my attention.

Thanks for reading this, and a big thank you if you have either of my books.

– Rick